NYX Jumbo Pencil Review

While watching YouTube videos and reading blogs you quickly come to realise that there are many “must have” products that people tend to grab all the time. Being in Australia means that we have little access to products from brands such as NARS, NYX, and ELF. It’s always fun being able to get your hands on some new goodies to test out and these NYX Jumbo Pencils are no exception.

The Jumbo Pencils that i grabbed were in the shades “Sparkle Green”, “Black Bean”, “Peacock”, and



Black Bean is one of those colours that you see being used all the time. It’s your normal matte black eye liner pencil but with a twist, the formula of these pencils is divine!

They are as smooth as butter to apply and are extremely pigmented. The shades Sparkle Green, Peacock and Cobalt all have some sparkle in them which just lights up when applied to the eyes. They look absolutely gorgeous when applied to the bottom lid for a pop of colour.

NYX have a huge range of colours to choose from, there would be one to suit everyone.


These pencils can also be doubled as a base for eyeshadow application so that you can brighten up your colours a bit!

The only downside is that they have the tendency to smudge, and do not stay in place very well due to the creamy consistency. When using as an eyeshadow base i would highly recommend using some kind of eyeshadow primer to help these babies stay in place. Also, they can be a bit of a pain to sharpen! I would recommend popping them in the freezer before you try to sharpen them (sounds crazy, but trust me!) to stop them from smooshing and being impossible to use.

I would give these products:

Price: 5/5
Consistency: 4/5
Colour Intensity: 5/5

Overall i would say they deserve a 4.5/5! I would recommend them to anybody wanting to step outside of the norm without having to pay an arm and a leg for the products! They are a fantastic way to experiment in colours without needing to make the look too intense.

Thanks Lovelies, xox


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