Top 5 MAC Lipsticks

Well hello girlies! I know how overwhelming the MAC makeup counters can be. We walk into the store and are pretty much mesmerised by all of the stunning colours and the overwhelming range of products. There are all types of makeup in a huge range of shades so it can be difficult to pick out which ones you like the most, and don’t even get me started on texture. Matte, Satin, Cremesheen, what does it all mean?! These are my top 5 must have MAC lipsticks, i hope you all enjoy!

I chose these because, well, they are gorgeous but also because they’re all different colours and there is one from every colour family.



They are (in order pictured) ‘Creme d’nude’, ‘Creme Cup’, ‘Snob’, ‘Girl About Town’, and of course the gorgeous ‘Ruby Woo’.

Creme d’nude is the perfect nude colour for girls with fair skin. It is just the right colour and gives you the nude look without looking like you’ve packed concealer over your lips! It’s a cremesheen formula which means it’s also super hydrating so it’s not going to go flakey on your lips or feel uncomfortable at all.

Next is the stunning Creme Cup, also a cremesheen and my absolute favourite lipstick that i own! It’s pretty much the same as Angel, however it’s more pigmented and creamier. It is the perfect your-lips-but-better shade that complements any look that you decide to go with.

Snob is a new addition to my collection, but one that i am so happy i tried out. It’s a blue-pink colour and is extremely pigmented and lasts for hours! It gives a nice pop to your everyday makeup, and the blue base makes your teeth look super white, bonus! It’s a satin formula which means that it’s not drying, but not quite as moisturising as a cremesheen, but it’s more opaque.

Girl About Town was one of the lipsticks that i wasn’t sure that i would like that much when i first purchased it, but now i believe it’s a must have in any girl’s collection! It is a berry colour that is absolutely gorgeous, it’s a nice change up from the standard pink or red lips and is one that i will be restocking when it runs out! The amplified texture means that the lipstick is absolutely packed with colour, but is also not a drying formula.

Last, but certainly not least, is Ruby Woo. It’s a lipstick that i’m sure most of you beauty lovers have heard of! It’s your staple red colour with a bit of a blue undertone. It’s matte texture means that it’s not going to budge, but also means that the formulation can feel quite drying. I like to pair this colour with a gloss to combine the benefits of a long staying power, but also a bit of moisture!

There you have it girls, if there is anything that i should try please let me know! I would love any excuse to go out and buy more lipstick, they seem to be an obsession of mine!

Thanks Lovelies!


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