Beauty Rules to Live By

We are all guilty of breaking beauty rules from time to time, heck, probably almost every day! There are certainly rules that were made to be broken, such as the rule that you should never wear pink and red together, but these are a couple of simple things I feel everybody would benefit from sticking to.

This seems like something that is standard, but how many of us are guilty of going to sleep with an entire days makeup on our face, soon to be pressed deep into the fibres of our pillows? I’m not talking about quickly using a makeup remover wipe to take the surface off, I mean cleaning as much makeup off as possible, eye makeup included!

Skin gets thirsty and its sadly not possible to have that radiant glow we all work so hard for without a touch of moisteriser. It should be applied morning before you apply your makeup, and given at least 10 minutes to soak into set skin, and also at night after you have thoroughly washed your face.

The damage the sun does to the skin is harsh and intense. It’s something that is easy for us to fight against, but we generally just don’t do it. Why? It feels like an extra step that is simply not necessary, but in the long run you will thank yourself for doing this! We should all be applying an SPF 30+ at least each and every day. Yes, even when you’re not planning on going out in the sun, because even driving in the car, can cause harsh sun burn!

This Is something that is so simply overlooked, drinking at least 8 glasses of water feels unnecessary and we are all guilty of falling into the trap of drinking only when we feel thirsty, but by then you are already dehydrated! 8 glasses spread over a day is not a huge amount of water, but you will feel the difference in the moisture in your skin and your lips, it makes you feel great and helps to clear out any toxins from your body and also regulate body temperature!

These are simple rules we should all abide by for gorgeous healthy skin, what else can you ladies think of?

    Thanks Lovelies!

2 thoughts on “Beauty Rules to Live By

  1. Excellent advice. However, protecting the skin from sun damage isn’t just for the ladies, I always apply sunscreen before I go out in the sun.

    Things I would add:

    1) If you smoke, quit smoking.

    2) Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, especially the darker colored ones. They have natural chemicals that can protect the skin from the sun and pollutants, and slow the aging process.

    3) Exercise regularly. It can improve blood-flow which can help the skin, and exercise also helps us better deal with stress. Too much stress can prematurely age our skin and our body in general.

    Still, excellent post, I hope you don’t mind my suggestions.

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