Must have MAC Shadows, ft Makeup Geek!

I am an absolute sucker for MAC’s phenomenal range of eyeshadows. MAC have every colour that your heart desires, and then some more! I have also recently discovered a couple of Makeup Geek shadows which rival MAC for quality, but are a fraction of the cost! There are endless ranges of colours from both of these brands, but here are the ones that are my absolute favourites to use for both colour and formula.

Oh, and i keep my shadows in a MAC pro palette, but just about anything secure will do!


Frappe – Makeup Geek is a stunning warm brown colour. The warmth in this shade makes light coloured eyes look gorgeous, and is perfect for smoking out from the crease.

Cocoa Bear – Makeup Geek is a dark chocolate brown colour and is a dupe for MAC’s Brown Script. It’s my go-to shade for a brown smokey eye, and the warmth again brings a liveliness to the eyes.

Girlie is a gorgeous pink colour and really enhances any eye colour especially blue eyes. It’s perfect for all over the lid, or to add in the crease to give a bit more dimension.

Wedge is the colour that I generally use in the crease, or as a blending colour to begin any look. It is not too dark which means it gives a gorgeous natural look to the lids when used as a crease colour, but when used under a darker colour it manages to tie the entire look together.

Naked Lunch is absolutely stunning. It is a shimmery neutral tone that looks absolutely gorgeous all over the lid. I love to use this paired with Wedge and Texture to bring some attention to the eyes, but to not make it over the top.


Shimma Shimma – Makeup Geek is another stunning colour for all over the lid. It’s a lot whiter than Naked Lunch, and can also serve as a shimmery highlight.

Amber Lights is the perfect gold colour. It is densely packed with pigment and when applied with a product like MAC Fix + gives you the foiled look. It is my absolute favourite gold shade.

Expensive Pink is another stunning lid shade. It is a mix between pink and gold, and is great if you’re looking to step out of your makeup box, without going into really bright colours. It is super pigmented, and a little goes a long way!

Antiqued is absolutely stunning, that’s all there is to it! It’s the perfect shimmery chocolate shade, which makes it a breeze to blend. It’s a subtle shimmer meaning that you won’t end up with huge chunks of glitter on your eyes!

All That Glitters is a stunning champagne colour. Again one that I like to use all over the lid, and when applied with Fix + is absolutely gorgeous.


Woodwinked is a colour that I find quite difficult to describe, it’s unlike anything I have seen from any other company! It’s almost a mix between gold and a very light brown and looks absolutely beautiful on the lids. This is one that I think every girl needs in their collection.

Coppering is a highly pigmented pink/orange colour with shimmer. When applied correctly it is the best friend of every girl! The shade enhances every single eye colour and is there to stand out!

Cranberry is my favourite shadow to use when I am doing a smokey eye. It is gorgeous to add to shake things up a little bit! The colour is, well… cranberry! There simply isn’t another way to describe the stunning shade.

Vanilla is a staple in everybody’s collection. It is a white colour with a tiny bit of shimmer to make it easier to blend. It looks stunning as an inner corner and under the brow highlight with just about any shadow look.

Texture is last, but certainly not least! I find myself grabbing for this shade almost every time I do my eyes. It has a bit of shimmer to it which meant it is pleasant to work with, and also looks gorgeous when used in the lash line as an eyeliner!


The other colour I find myself grabbing a lot is Carbon by MAC, which is a basic matte black shade.

What are your favourite shadows, and what is on your ‘to buy’ list? I can’t get enough of these colours and find myself stopping by the MAC counter every time I walk by!

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2 thoughts on “Must have MAC Shadows, ft Makeup Geek!

  1. Hello! I’m doing a research about makeup geek eyeshadows and I’ve found your blog.:) Could you tell me if frappe is a good dupe for mac texture? I’m looking for a swach comparison and I can´t find it. 😦 Thank you so much

    • Hi Sara, I’m not too sure to be completely honest! By the look of it frappe is much lighter than Texture, and Frappe is a matte shadow, whilst Texture has a very slight shimmer in it. I hope this helps!

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