Apologies for my absence!

Hi all, I just wanted to say a quick sorry for not posting in quite some time!

I think we all know the feeling of being overwhelmed by everything going on in our lives whether it be work, study, or
family problems. I have found it extremely difficult to get myself back on the right track, and I wanted to share the only thing that seems to work for me!

I’m one of those people who needs to keep track of what they have to get done by writing it down, I go absolutely list crazy! I need to write down everything I need to do for uni, getting my car fixed etc on a list so that everything is there in black and white. Crossing tasks off a list makes me feel as though I am getting where I need to go, even if it is by very small steps. Sometimes we just need to see what we have achieved in order to remain motivated!

I adore Kikki K’s line of stationery and they am have absolutely everything you can think of to get yourself organised. I have purchased a whole array of things from meal planners to to-do lists. Check out their beautiful line of stationery, but beware, you will want to buy everything! http://www.kikki-k.com/shop-by?view=all

What are your tips for getting back on track? It’s different for absolutely everybody!

Also, keep an eye out, I will be doing a Sigma brush haul in the next few days. Their products are to die for!

Thanks lovelies! Xox


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