Sigma Brush haul and review

One of the most important things in your make-up kit has got to be the tools that you use to apply your products. Using the right brushes can make applying even complicated looks an absolute breeze. Being Australian means that access to good quality brushes at a price that won’t break the bank can be a struggle! MAC brushes are fantastic, but i for one am not prepared to be forking out for up to $60 per brush. Fortunately, Sigma ships their products internationally and even have a certified Australian distributor called Redefining Beauty.

These are the brushes that i ordered;


F05 / Small Contour $18 – I don’t

know how i got away with using an angle brush instead of this. My face shape requires a bit of a contour, and this brush makes bronzer application an absolute breeze. it is small enough to get into the contours of your cheeks, but not too small that it is awkward and fiddley when trying to contour your forehead. The brush is quite densely packed to ensure even distribution of product and to make blending as simple as possible.

F84 / Angled Kabuki $21 – This brush makes applying foundation so easy. I used to use a sponge and didn’t realise the difference that a good brush can make. It is perfect for using all types of foundation from liquid to mineral powders, and makes your makeup look beautifully air brushed. The dense synthetic bristles ensure that the product is applied on your face, and not soaked up into the brush. A brush like this will actually end up saving you money on foundation and who doesn’t like to save money!?

F70 / Concealer $12– The F70 is another synthetic brush to ensure that it is not soaking up your concealer and holding it in the bristles. It has a slight point at the end which means that application of foundation can be precise enough to target specific blemishes or ‘imperfections’. I personally use this brush for concealing blemishes and those pesky red marks around the nose.

P84 / Precision Angled $18 – A smaller version of the F84 brush mentioned above. It is great for application of larger areas of the face such as concealing and highlighting under the eyes, forehead and the chin. It can also be used for more precise application of bronzer for contouring. It blends concealer so smoothly and buffs it perfectly into the skin. I am so glad that i invested in this brush, my under eye highlight has never looked so perfect!

F15 / Duo Fibre Powder/Blush $23 – This brush is for light application of blush, which is absolutely brilliant for people with light skin tones like mine! It is not very clear in the photo, but the brush has both black and white bristles, the white ones are longer so that they stick out sparingly toward the tip of the brush, and this is where the blush is picked up. It makes blush look so natural, and smoothes it onto the skin perfectly.


E40 / Tapered Blending $14 – This brush is great for blending over your eyeshadow to ensure that everything is blended, and is perfect for applying your base or blending colour into the outer v and crease. It is synthetic and applies all of the product onto your face. It is quite tapered and can not be used for more precise application of products. I have been using this brush to apply highlighter to small areas such as the nose.

E25 / Blending $12 – This brush is similar to the E40, but is a bit smaller and not as tapered. It is also not a synthetic brush and uses real hair, which is perfect because it spreads out product and makes blending a breeze. This is my absolute favourite eye makeup brush. I think that this is a staple in anybody’s make-up kit.

E70 / Medium Angled Shading $12 – I haven’t had a chance to use this one yet, but it will be perfect for applying darker colours to the outer v and the crease. The bristles are very soft, and the angle means that applying shadow to this area is much easier.

E56 / Shader Lid $12 – This is another staple in anybody’s kit. It is a shader brush and is used to apply product all over the lid. It is soft and densely packed which ensures that all of the product is put onto your eyelid and not stuck in the brush! I love using this brush with a spray of MAC Fix + to make shadows look beautiful and very vibrant.

E15 / Flat Definer $12 – This brush is great for use applying shadow close along the lash lines. It is perfectly straight, and is also great for use in the eyebrows. The brush packs on product, and the flat edge means that shadows or brow powder can be pushed into the lash line with ease.

E20 / Short Shader $12 – I use this one for blending out shadows around the lash line for a sexy smokey look. It can be used for a dramatic look, or to slightly blend out eye liner to make the look much softer. The bristles are densely packed, quite stiff and synthetic and they blend with ease!

E47 / Shader Crease $12 – This brush is great. It is synthetic, tapered and quite small so that it is easy to get into precise places. It is absolutely brilliant for applying darker colours into the crease and the outer v. The brush is great for applying the product, then i like to go over it and blend it out with a brush such as the E25 or E36.

E36 / Blending $12 – This is a very small blending brush, again perfect for small areas as mentioned above. It is a natural hair which means that excess product is picked up by the brush. It is also great for contouring areas such as the nose, as it is very precise and does not apply excessive amounts of product!

E65 / Small Angle $12– This is the best eye liner brush i have ever used! it is small and precise and absolutely brilliant for applying gel eyeliner. It can also be used for the brows as it blends so well!

Since i got these brushes i have found that my makeup application has been so much easier and i can try a huge variety of new looks! The prices are absolutely unbelievable and the brushes are of such high quality. Sigma have such a large range of products, and also have kits to make it easier if this is your first brush purchase. I used the site to get these, as shipping ended up being free because i spent more than $100 on my order! It ended up being about $30 cheaper for me than the actual Sigma website, and i love to save!

Are there any brushes that you would recommend?

Thanks Lovelies! xox


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