Top 5 YouTube Beauty Gurus

I can’t imagine where my make-up and beauty skills would be if it weren’t for YouTube. I have learned so many things, and i have these 5 lovely ladies to thank for that! Watching these videos can help to refine your skills and introduce you to ideas and ways to use products that you’ve already got that you would never have considered! These are my top 5 YouTube Beauty Gurus.

Jaclyn Hill


What can i say? She is my absolute favourite YouTube beauty Guru. I constantly find myself refreshing my newsfeed and instagram to see if she has uploaded a new video! Jaclyn is the girl i have learned the most from whether it be how to blend my eyeshadows properly (which she is amazing at) to perfecting my winged eyeliner. I have bought so many products that were recommendations from this girl and i have never been disappointed! She is not only smart and so so talented, she is also hilarious and so entertaining to watch!

Lauren Curtis


An Australian beauty YouTuber. I have been watching her for quite some time now and i absolutely adore her. She is talented and seems so down to earth. She used to work at Bobby Brown and it is clear in her makeup application and ideas that she has learned a lot since being there! This girl is an inspiration and will definitely be somebody who i can see going far. Check out Lauren for her amazing self tan skills and her monthly favourites are always fantastic!

Chloe Morello


Chloe was the first girl that i watched on YouTube, and her winged eyeliner skills have got to be every girl’s envy! She is a bubbly, vibrant girl who is an absolute breeze to watch. She’s another Aussie girl and her style is to die for! Chloe’s Arabic inspired tutorials are fantastic, and she is one of few girls who seems to branch out and be openly embracing influences from other cultures. I adore her double winged liner, she is definitely a must-see!

Nicole Guerriero


Just like the others this girl is full of energy. She reminds me very much of Jaclyn Hill, and her halloween tutorials are absolutely fantastic as she is one of few girls who does scary tutorials! Nicole’s makeup collection is to die for, and she is just so easy to watch and explains things so well. If you’re somebody who watches any of these other girls i would definitely urge you to check her out!

Karissa Pukas


Last but certainly not least, Karissa has the best personality and she is very open and happy to answer questions as can be seen by her “TMI Tuesday” videos! Karissa is fantastic at both neutral and daring looks with her makeup, combining colours that i would never have considered! And as an added bonus, her hair always looks fantastic whether is be pink or blonde!

Are there any other beauty gurus that you think i should check out? Please let me know!

Thanks Lovelies, and don’t forget to subscribe for regular updates! xox


2 thoughts on “Top 5 YouTube Beauty Gurus

  1. Love Jaclyn Hill, too!
    You should also check out Allison Wilburn MUA. A very pretty youtuber that mainly uploads interesting tutorials and beautiful looks (which I prefer to tons of haul videos etc).
    Lisa Eldridge is also pretty famous for her skills.

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