Nail Polish Storage

I must admit, I stole this idea from Chloe Morello! I was watching one of her videos from a year or so back and she happened to mention that she stores her nail polish on a cupcake stand, how genius is that!? I went out and found the cutest stand possible and decided to put it to the test and this is the end result.


I have had it this way for about 8 months now and I get so many compliments on it from people. The stand has the best position possible in my study and I think it’s just beautiful. I’ve been eyeing off one of those stands that all beauty gurus tend to have that are stuck on the wall with the thin shelves, but I just think this is much more feminine!

Would you guys be interested in seeing my nail polish collection? I’ve just recently added a few more after David Jones had a buy one, get one free on OPI polishes (score!).

It’s starting to get a bit full so I think another stand may be in order! How do you store yours? I would love any new ideas, and of course don’t forget to follow me!

Thanks Lovelies! Xox


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