How to organise a diary.


Ahh, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of writing in a new diary for the first time. I’ve had my brand new diary sitting in my drawer for a couple of weeks now, but i think it’s about time to whip it out! Now, i know some of you may say “Ashlee, it’s December 2013. It’s too early to start a 2014 diary.” and to that i say NAY! Haha, most diaries begin with space in December of the previous year and i am just far too excited to wait.


Here’s the one that i’ve chosen. It’s from Kikki K and it is just adorable. I actually had a similar design from Kikki K last year and absolutely loved it, and why change something that isn’t broken!

Here are a few tips for keeping a diary!

  • If you’re studying, schedule in all due dates both in the monthly view and weekly view. This way you will never be surprised by something that you may have forgotten (This also applies to work for meetings etc).
  • Use colour. It will brighten up the pages, and also help you to remember!
  • Schedule in important birthdays and anniversaries right at the beginning of the year. This will mean you can see it coming up and will never forget to purchase gifts!
  • Mark off any public holidays and any school holidays. This way you know the dates which you will be at work/school and not!
  • Add in your goals! This is an easy way to have them in front of you each and every day and makes them much easier to keep track of.


Tip: Most diaries have little spaces at the back for things that you want to buy and websites that you’ve been loving. Use this space! You’ve bought the diary and you may as well get as much wear out of it as you can!

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Thanks Lovelies. Xox


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