Coconut oil hair treatment FAIL!!

So, a couple of nights ago I got sucked in to the new coconut oil trend. I have used it for quite some time in cooking and it’s absolutely fantastic, but hadn’t given it a shot in my hair yet. I had read absolutely everywhere that people had tried it and they had loved the results so i thought ‘why not’?

What a mistake.

I followed all the instructions (which is pretty much just heating up the oil in your hands and applying to hair overnight) and i went to sleep. I awoke the next morning eager to wash my hair and see how it looked! I could smell the coconut which was a gorgeous scent and headed to the bath. That was my first mistake. I washed my hair as i usually would and got out of the bath to let my hair dry. Hours later it still looked and felt horrible! It was greasy and disgusting, so i jumped into the shower. After shampooing my hair 3 times i rinsed it thoroughly and sat outside to let it dry. Again my hair felt oily, greasy and just downright wrong!

It had started to really get me down at this point. My hair is usually shiny and soft and i jumped in the shower for another 3 shampoos. After the third attempt to wash the horrible treatment from my normally shiny locks i had gotten as much out as i possibly could. I felt that after having to shampoo my hair that many times i had almost certainly stripped any of the benefits that the coconut oil may have initially had! My hair felt like straw, and that is not normal at all for me! The normal smooth feeling of my hair did not return for at least a week, not to mention my bed sheets now smelt very strongly of coconut and were oily even after washing them!

I would never do it again, i had such a terrible experience! Has anybody else had a problem like this? I feel like i’m the only one who hasn’t had success.

Thanks Lovelies! xox


7 thoughts on “Coconut oil hair treatment FAIL!!

  1. I’m obsessed with coconut oil and so disappointed to hear you had a bad experience because if you’ve read up on it you know it has sooooo many benefits! It has made my hair grow like crazy and repaired damaged ends like magic. What kind of coconut oil did you use? Refined is fine for cooking, but not the best for skin and hair. If you put it on hair, it’s going to be hell getting it out! Been there, done that, and it sucked. It needs to be the organic extra virgin oil that you find at like health food stores. Do you use actual shampoo or are you no poo? I went no poo about a month ago and hate the fact I cant use coconut oil on my roots anymore due to the fact there’s no detergent to get the oil completely out.

    • Thanks so much for your comment! Very informative, I used the extra virgin one I got from a health food store, was rather pricey too! I just used my regular shampoo and I was so surprised that it wasn’t working! I have heard so many good things and was very excited to give it a go.

      • The kind I get is about $22 for a jar which I know is crazy for a jar of oil, but a few weeks ago while giving a speech on the stuff, I added up how much it replaces in my home and realized it replaced over $200 worth of product! The only thing I can think of is that you actually have the good shampoo that doesn’t strip your hair of natural oil and this is why it wouldn’t remove it completely! Now that I’m no poo, when I get out of the shower,while my hair is still sopping wet, I put a SUPER SMALL amount in my hands and rub it through the length of my hair only! I’m about to do a post on all the things I use coconut oil for in my home so maybe you can find some new things to use it for besides just cooking! I actually have some in my coffee now 🙂

  2. I have used coconut oil in my hair before and was super excited as well, I had the same problem as you, the next day I took another shower and put shampoo on all of my hair, I have now done coconut oil in my hair a few times and put shampoo on the entire length of my hair and it doesn’t stay all disgustingly greasy. I haven’t really had any of the benefits that everyone talks about but all the same I still use it 🙂

  3. Thank you so much for posting this.. I thought I was alone! The exact same thing just happened to me, it’s so gross! I love coconut oil for everything else but this is bad. I used organic, unrefined and cold pressed. I had to wash my hair 4 times in a 24 hr period. I’ll never put it in my hair again 😦

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