The Pointed Heel

I don’t know about you, but i find something so alluring and grown up about a classic pointed heel. I just turned 21 last week and i feel as though i’ve had a huge shift in what i wear! It’s funny, its as if i took a step back and realised that i’m

not a child anymore and i really can pull off what ever i choose to wear, and there’s nothing more powerful than the pointed heel.

I went for a trip to Harbour Town in Adelaide earlier this week and picked up four beautiful pairs of heels. NOVO had a buy-one get-one for $1 sale and this was perfect timing! (I’ve only showed 3 pairs here as my white pair are currently in the mail).


Here is the beautiful bunch! All 4 pairs are the same style, and while the pink and purple ones weren’t the first ones i would have chosen i thought they might be nice to pair with some skinny jeans, a knitted sweater and a nice bold purple or pink statement lip. Not to mention i practically got them for free!


They’re absolutely stunning with jeans, the perfect way to spice up an easy, casual look.



These black and white striped ones are my favourite by far. They are absolutely stunning and something so different from what i own at the moment! The heel on all of these is not too high either which makes them so comfortable to walk around town in.

What piece of clothing or shoes are you loving at the moment? I would love to get some ideas, any excuse to go shopping is fine by me! Don’t forget to subscribe to stay up to date with my new posts.



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