Study tips for university

I know it can be daunting starting (or continuing) study at University. There are so many things that you need to remember, and i swear the coordinators get together at the beginning of each semester and organise all of the assignments to come at once! Here are my tips to get you through:


Physically attend lectures.

This might seem like strange advice, and sometimes we succumb to staying in bed while listening to lectures, but are we actually paying attention? Chances are no. It’s hard-wired in us that we must multitask and make the most of available time, but when listening to a large amount of information it is vital that we pay 100% attention and TAKE NOTES!


Revise notes at the end of the day.

It’s amazing how sometimes we can take all of these notes only to look back to revise once exams come around and BAM! have no idea what you were writing about. It is important to go back through your notes and just revise or correct things that weren’t very clear. Trust me you will thank yourself when exams roll around.


Allow time between drafts.

This is something that everybody should be doing. No exceptions. Leaving a day (or preferably much more) between your drafts and editing allows time to look on your assignments with fresh eyes! This is the reason last minute assignments aren’t any good, you convince yourself that what you are writing is pure brilliance, only to look back and see that it could have been written by your 6 year old cousin.


Plan ahead.

Get a diary or a piece of paper and write down every. single. thing. that is coming up in the semester. That means assignments, tests and exams. There is nothing worse than having something creep up on you! Keep this somewhere that you can see it, or that is easily accessible. 



This can be done in what ever way suits you. I personally like to make posters or lists and place them around the house of things that i need to remember. The only way to store the information in long term memory is repetition! The backs of toilet doors are perfect, or bathroom walls if you’re a bath person such as myself!


The most important tip of all? Look after yourself. Eat right, drink water and make room for both exercise and doing things you love! University is still meant to be fun, make time for family and friends because they will be the ones pulling you through when it gets tough!




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