MAC : A Fantasy of Flowers Collection

I adore new MAC collections! I am not the kind of person to run out and buy things in the new collections just because they are new, but who doesn’t like seeing new colours in products that we already love?!

The MAC A Fantasy of Flowers collection is, obviously, based on florals and floral colours ranging from pinks, purples and to green. The collection is absolutely gorgeous and the eye liners, pigments and lipsticks are just breath taking! I loved the pigments especially, but i couldn’t see myself getting too much use of them. I picked up two of the lipsticks in ‘Rose Lily’ and ‘Snapdragon’.


Both of the lipsticks are quite sheer and have subtle flecks of glitter throughout. I am usually not somebody who likes shimmery of sheer lipsticks, but the wash of colour in these is absolutely beautiful when applied to the lips!



Rose Lily is a pastel pink colour, and Snapdragon is a blue toned pink, moving toward being purple. It’s a beautiful addition to those who are looking to add a purple colour to their collection, but don’t want to go all out!

If you have something similar then i don’t think you would need to grab these two, but if you haven’t checked out the collection yet then i would suggest you do as it is different from anything i have seen from MAC in a while.

Have you bought anything from the collection and what are your thoughts?



3 thoughts on “MAC : A Fantasy of Flowers Collection

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