Blogs to follow. Now.

The single best thing about the internet is that there are countless amounts of blogs! So many different people sharing their own personal style, favourites, and bits and pieces of their personalities. It’s fantastic!

My absolute favourites are below. These are people whose websites are saved on my Safari shortcuts on my iPhone. That, my friends, is some very valuable real estate.

Whitney Port
Whitney Port Not only is she absolutely stunning, but i love her blog. She shares an intimate section of her life, from pictures of her home’s unique style to her dream wedding plan. She has certainly come a long way since The Hills, and i must add that she was always my favourite!

Chateau De Gudanes
Chateau De Gudanes
This blog is very different to blogs i would normally follow! It follows the story of a couple who purchased a run down Chateau in France and are slowly restoring it to its former beauty. It is absolutely fantastic, and the home, history, and scenery are all absolutely stunning.

A Pretty Penny
A Pretty Penny
I love this blog. Kiera is such a down to Earth woman. She runs a florist and her blog is filled to the brim with stunning floral arrangements, i want them all in my house! I adore her style, she is so well put together, but at the same time it is so practical!

The College Prepster
The College Prepster
Carly’s blog is what inspired me to start my own. The way she writes is fantastic, and she writes about her life and goals. It started out when she was in College, and now that she is running her own business the blog has changed scope to keep up with her! If you want beautiful images and a witty writer, Carly is your girl.

If you like these blogs and know of something similar please let me know! I’m always looking to expand my reading routine! xox


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