Book Club!

I am an absolute book enthusiast, and am struggling to find a group of people who are in the same boat as me! I am interested in such a wide range of books, and i wanted to get together a bunch of us with similar taste so we can all share book ideas and read and discuss together! Books to me are a way of life. They are the way i deal with stress and give me time to wind down and to experience something new that i might not have had the chance to be a part of.

I want to have a new book each fortnight for us all to read and share! Please let me know if you’ve got any ideas. This is all new to me so i am open to all opinions!


The book i am currently reading is How to be Parisianwherever you are by Sophie Mas, Audrey Diwan, Caroline De Maigret, and Anne Berest. If you would like to be a part of this book club, and i so hope you do, please leave a comment and jump in! Let me know what you want from this whether it is general discussion, questions, or just someone to share some awesome books with.

AshleeNicolle xoxo


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