Clarasonic Mia 2 Review

So i did it.. i finally got my hands on the Clarasonic (well technically my boyfriend got it for me for Christmas)! I’ve been using it for quite some time so that i could give it a good, honest review so here goes;



  • It removes all of my makeup! I thought that my face was clean before but the amount of makeup that was still left on my skin is frightening! The Clarasonic takes off everything that gets stuck deep in the pores and leaves my skin so fresh and so clean.
  • Quick and easy. It takes all of a minute to deep clean my skin which is great if you’re like me and are just keen to get in bed.
  • It removes the dry and dead skin without harsh exfoliation. I can use a face wash that doesn’t have coarse beads that harm both skin and the environment.
  • The Clarasonic helps my serum to really soak in to my skin which is great! It leaves my skin feeling fantastic and so smooth. It’s a feeling i can’t really get from a normal exfoliator.


  • Price! The Clarasonic is quite expensive, however it is an investment. It’s not the kind of thing that you can just buy on a whim!
  • I need to moisturise afterward to make sure my skin doesn’t dry out. It can sometimes leave my skin quite tight but as soon as i moisturise it feels fantastic!
  • Because of my dry skin, i can’t use it every day. I tend to use it every second or third day to give my skin a bit of a break from exfoliation.


I really like it! It’s a really handy tool to deep clean your face. It makes the job quick and easy, and really helps your serums and moisturisers to sink in! On the other hand, it is quite expensive and is definitely more of a luxury product as you could get similar results with a good cleanser and a muslin cloth.



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