Best Instagram accounts to follow

I don’t know about you, but i am really enjoying Instagram at the moment! It’s got to be my favourite method of Social Media, it provides such incredible images and insights into the lives of other people. I adore it! I am following more people than i can keep up with to be honest but my favourites are below! Please comment and let me know who you like to follow, i am always looking to find new people to follow for inspiration, and sometimes just some stunning images!


Carly Heitlinger (thecollegeprepster) @carly

Her posts are fabulous. Her blog is one of my favourites going around, and her pictures are simply stunning. Always full of bright, beautiful colours and gorgeous clothes. I just can’t get enough!

Court Montes

Court Montes @courtmontes

This makeup artist’s photos are beautiful. Her makeup application is always on point and i can always find inspiration on even the dullest of days! I love that she shows photographs of her clients too. She is super talented so if you want some makeup inspiration, she is the one to follow!

Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad @laurenconrad

Her posts are beautiful and exactly what you would expect from Lauren Conrad. Filled with colour, her feed has quickly become one i look forward to seeing. She posts beautiful pictures of every day things, and her style is to-die-for.

Zoe Foster Blake

Zoe Foster Blake @zotheysay

Founder of go-to cosmetics and wife of Hamish Blake, Zoe is not only beautiful but witty and hilarious too! I would follow her just for her captions if i was not so in love with her photos too. If you haven’t checked her out, i strongly suggest you do.

Peter Griffin

and one for luck.. Peter Griffin! @peterpumpkineater69

This feed is brilliant. It is updated with ‘photos’ from Peter’s life and if you are a Family Guy fan you are going to love this! His captions are brilliant, and some of the situations he finds himself in are not to be missed.

If you like any of these let me know who you follow! I would love to find some new people with beautiful pictures to follow.

Don’t forget to subscribe for regular updates! xox


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